Igor Besschastny

BESSCHASTNY Igor Aleksandrovich (9.10.1957) – russian composer.The Author of the music multiple product:
Vaudeville canto (256 songs) (1977-2010)
Music to show "Peter Penn" (1980)
Music to show "Alisa in wonderland” (1981)

String quarttet№1 a-moll (1990)
Symphony№1 s-moll "Memories of the victims of the terrorism " in III parts (2008)
Overture to opera "Gondla", on poetry N.Gumilyov (2000)
Concerto Grosso№1 с-dur in 3-parts (for piano with orchestra) (2007)
Music to film "Overdid" (2004)
Music to show "Wonderfull adventures of the Woman Yaga" (2005)
Hymn soccer club "Vanguard” (1995)
Hymn Kursk college of the Culture (1998)
Suita№1for piano ,chorus and symphonic orchestra (2007)
Music to ballet "Dyuymovochka" (I-II act) (2007)
Cilkl "Sing pictures" for string chamber orchestra (3) (2007)
For nice dame - a Fantasy for big jazz- orchestra (2009)
Of the Miniature for piano with symphonic orchestra (24 miniatures) (1998)
Canto" The Beatles" for string orchestra piano and instrument solo (14) (2003)
Jewish canto for symphonic orchestra (7song) (2010)
Russian dance for string orchestra(9 dances) (2010)
Canto and romance for soloist, chorus and string orchestra (150 songs) (1993-2010)
Jazz product for piano ,instrument solo (1996)
and chamber string orchestra (24 cantoes ) (2000-2010)
Concerto№ 1 for piano with orchestra (2009-2010)
Collection song for piano, harmony and voice from repertoire of the russian singer
N.PLEVICKOY , new editing I.BESSCHASTNY (69 songs) (2010).
B. co-operates with the known musician: Y.Losa, Vine, Arabella, R. Said-shah, (Russia),
Max Schulz (Sweden),V.Hermann (Germany) ,Fr.Ollson (Sweden).
At present with own jazz quartette B&The Band emerges in Russia and overseas (recorded 10 CD disks), in composition of the Russian chamber orchestra of S. Proskurin, emerges as pianist, organist, arrangiment .The Symphony №1c-moll "Memories of the victims of the terrorism" was performed in USA on opening of the Conservatories of the Bob Cola under California University Long-Beach
2 May 2008 The Chamber orchestra conducted by Sergei Proskourin
For more information please contact – Richard Birkemeier 562-985-5900(USA)
Neue Noten
T. Albinoni - Adagio g-moll
Klassische Musik / Arrangement
Poppuri on subject jewish song, Op.92
Weltmusik / Ethno
Симфония No.1 – 1 часть (для симфонического оркестра), Op.90
Klassische Musik / Sinfoniemusik
Music picture No.2, Op.27
Jazz / Instrumentalmusik
Music picture No.1, Op.27
Jazz / Instrumentalmusik
Неотправленное письмо, Op.21
Spring, Op.20
Klassische Musik / Zeitgenössisch
Boogie Max
Fantasy for Lovely Ladies
Jazz / Dixieland
Simphony No.1 (Part II) Reqiem, Op.90
Klassische Musik / Sinfoniemusik
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